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Saturday 11 May 2013

Tonight On The Video Channel

   Checkmate and the first thing I have to say is this, that I will not get the full measure with this episode, meaning that it's not 50 minutes in duration, but a mere 45 minutes! Had Bill Gallagher run out of ideas? Surely he could have created another five minutes for the production of this episode, or put back a deleted scene. I do not dwell on the negative, but the simple fact that I will once again be robbed of 5 minutes of pure pleasure!
 Pictured here are newcomers to the Village, they have just got off the bus. Six asks the woman where they've come from? "We just got off the bus." Six asks where she got on the bus? "The Village" the young woman replies. Six informers her that this is the Village, they've arrived. "Isn't that just the wildest thing?" The young woman might be excited by the prospect, but her son's expression tells a different story!
    The Village is expanding "More Village" is Two's new motto. But he's still having problems with Six. Six it seems chooses death, when everyone else in the Village chooses life. Everyone gong happily about their daily business in the Village. So Six is dying, and the only way to save himself is to accept the Village. To accept the Village handed over to him. 313 is also in trouble as Sarah impinges on 313's life in the Village. 313 doesn't want to leave the Village, and accepts Two's offer, as does Six, but for 313's sake. This leaves Two free to escape the Village, in a very dramatic exploding hand grenade!

   But before that can happen the Village has to be handed over to Two's successor, and not only the Village, but also Summakor. And it appears that Six is the one, and taking Two's lead 147 leads the people in choosing Six as the One! "We want Six, Six is the One. We want Six, Six is the One. We want Six, Six is the One.' So seening that there has never been a Number One, perhaps this Six is the first Number One!
   And so it is that I have arrived at the final episode of THEPRIS6NER. It has gone by all too quickly for my own personal liking. In the final scene, the new Two sits with 313/Sarah on a sand dune in the desert. He says that is has to be possible to do it the right way, to make a good Village. He thinks he could do it, He thinks he has to try, whatever the cost. But I don't think 313 shares that thought, as she sheds a tear, but for who, herself, or for Six who dreams of making a good Village? Seeing as it's Sarah, 313's abused counterpart in New York who will have to dream the Village, I don't give much for Six's chances!

Breathe in.....Breathe Out.....More Village.


  1. 45 minutes too long. Why on Earth did anyone think that they could remake The Prisoner? What a pointless exercise.

    Breathe in.....Breathe Out.... No, it's no good, I've been sick in my mouth... Less remake, puh-lease!

    1. Hello Mister X,

      I take it that you have watched the whole series, and if so, then you are to be congratulated. Because if fans of the original series have watched THEPRIS6ONER-09 and still do not like it, at least they gave it a fair chance. For I am aware of a number of people who have not watched the series, have not even seen all of the first episode, having condemned the series after only having watched half an hour of 'Arrival.' That's not giving the series a fair chance, and I would have thought such fans of 'the Prisoner' would have had more of an open mind. One fan wrote to me saying he wasn't going to watch the THEPRIS6NER on the basis it wasn't filmed in Portmeirion! And yet, through my writing of THEPRIS6NER there have been a number of fans of the original series who have read my material, and that has made them give THEPRIS6NER a second chance.

      Fans of the original series were quick to condemn THEPRISONER, but as yet I have still to read any real constructive critisism about THEPRIS6NER. Perhaps you yourself might wish to expand on your comment with some critique about the series. I would much appreciate it if you did.

      Very kind regards