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Tuesday 21 May 2013

The Therapy Zone

Listening To The Prisoner Music Soundtrack
    What a terrific cd disc set this is, more than worth the money I paid for it I have to say. Yesterday I listened to two of the three cd's, and now this morning the third cd is playing.
   With some pieces of the music you need to refer to the accompanying booklet ‘The Prisoner Music Bible.’ There are 235 tracks altogether, all music specially composed for the Prisoner series, and none of the Chappell Library music appears on the three discs.
   Much of the music is so recognisable in it's form used in the series, other tracks are of slight variations on pieces of music known so well in the series. And other pieces which we not used at all, such as the original theme music composed by Robert Farnon, which was heavily based on the theme music of the Western The Big Country and when you listen to it you can understand why McGoohan rejected this first attempt at the Prisoner theme music, and you can hear the theme for The Big Country!
  A thoroughly enjoyable 3cd disc set, which when first listened, it seemed to reinvigorate me as far as my appreciation for the Prisoner goes. I felt somehow that I had come to ‘the Prisoner’ series renewed.

A Matter Of Life And Death
   Yesterday I was listening to 2 of the 3 cd Prisoner disc set, and one track of music titled Birth of Rover, got me thinking. If the following images are reprehensive of the birth of Rover.
   And so with birth comes life, and after life there is death. And therefore, although I never saw this at the time, must surely be the death of Rover as seen in the following images.
   What's more a number of fans of the Prisoner have, in past years, interpreted Rovers death as taking place on an alien planet. Well I can't quite see that, as one must remember that we see a segment of Rover in the cavern beneath the exhausts of the rocket as it blasts off. And of course fans must remember that the action takes place in a cavern, and that would account for the rocky looking terrain, and the scorched, hot steamy area is caused by the flames and heat from the rockets exhausts - and you can't argue with video and photographic evidence.

The Village - The Nightmare World Of The Prisoner
   And that being the case, why then do so many of us wish to infiltrate that nightmare world of the village? I know people who have said that they wouldn't mind being taken to the village. Well to that degree I suppose it all depends on how well your own world is, don't you think?
   On the other hand we all immerse ourselves in No.6's nightmare world of the village every time we watch an episode of the Prisoner series, purely as good escapism of course. After all, the more sane of us, wouldn't want to end up as No.6 now - would we?
   And as for those who wish have themselves taken to the village, if such a place actually existed, what would they wish to go as, Prisoners or warders? I can think of a number of old past friends who would much prefer to be a warder than a prisoner. For as prisoners they wouldn't hold out against the village for a week, but as warders, they could wield their power over the prisoners. I know people who would just love to be able to do that!
  Me? I'm just as much a prisoner as No.6 I'm afraid. And like him, I do not seek power for myself, only freedom.

I'll be seeing you.

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