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Saturday 27 February 2016

A B and Engadine Makes C!

    It is during 'C' of ‘A B and C’ that ZM73 is handed a key by the roulette croupier in exchange for his bet of a diamond earring, handed to him by an unknown woman. But she could be Mrs. Butterworth, a former Number 2. And it so happens that Engadine has an identical key!
    "It can't be" Number 2 gasps in astonishment. "She can't be 'C. She's fooled us for years, but no longer!"
    "You're bringing her to The Village?" the doctor-Number 14 asks.
    "Yes" No.2 replies eagerly.
    However in Number 6's dream even
Engadine works for someone else, a man of mystery. ZM73 may not know him, but he will know him. This man likes impressive offices! If that’s the case, why meet in the street? The doctor makes the comment that Number 2 will have to call him 'D'. However as it turned out, this man of mystery is no other than Number 2 himself.......'C' or is it “See!” seeing as ZM73 turns the man’s face to camera, to show those who are watching.
   But this is only Number 6 manipulating his own dream, and so if Number 2 isn't 'C,’ who is? Well the answer to that seems blatantly obvious, and can be deduced from the description read out by Number 2. “Known to be French. Known to have attended
Engadine's parties, probably disguised.” Well Madam Engadine is French, she attended her own parties, not too sure about the probably disguised bit though. Unless of course its Engadine’s celebrity status together with her celebrated parties that is the disguise! But it does appear that by manipulating his dream, Number 6 is protecting Engadine by deflecting suspicion away from her to another figure. After the failure of ‘A B and C’ it might be thought that Engadine wasn’t brought to The Village. But then we’ll never really know, shall we?!

Be seeing you


  1. This episode was most reminiscent of Danger Man with the party scene and the Prisoner in a tux. All the more reason to believe that the Prisoner had once been a spy..and not just some government official who had decided to resign his job. Patrick McGoohan is my favorite actor..he always had a commanding presence in whatever role he was playing. RIP Patrick McGoohan...Be Seeing You !

    1. Hello Karen,
      To me personally, the Prisoner will always be John Drake no matter what Patrick McGoohan said in public, and to the members of the press and media. Simply because I grew up with John Drake, him being my childhood hero. So when 'the Prisoner' came along it was quite natural for me, to think of Number 6 as being John Drake. Yes we do not actually see Drake resign at the end of 'Danger Man,' and yet the interpretation could be that he does so during the opening serquence of 'the Prisoner.'
      But even if that is no-one elses choice, there is too much physical evidence to suggest ZM73 was a spy rather than having been in some other government position.

      Very best regards