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Sunday 7 February 2016

Number Six Plays The Game

  On the morning of ‘It’s Your Funeral’ after Number 6 has been woken up by Monique-Number 50, he shouts aloud for all the observers to hear "I won't go for it, whatever it is, so you may as well stop trying!" Yet during ‘Many Happy Returns’ it was another state of affairs for Number 6, because on discovering that the village was deserted, and not hanging around to find out why, he played right into the hands of The Village’s administration, such is his predictability. They knew their subject all too well, and that he wouldn't be able to resist the chance of escape!
   It's just a pity that Number 6 didn't show a bit more of that individuality he's so keen on, not to go for it, whatever it is, so you might as well stop trying! He could have simply sat about waiting, and try to carry on the best he could, as there could only be a limited time in which The Village could lay dormant.
    Number 6 could have started a fire. Setting light to his cottage would surely have flushed the citizens out, along with the fire brigade! There are those who reading this, who would say that if Number 6 hadn't carried out his escape from The Village during ‘Many Happy Returns’ we would not have had a story. As a writer I would say that the story would have simply taken another direction to the one we know so well.

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