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Friday 12 February 2016

Village Life!

    Number 2 frog marched through the Village by the citizens as they chant “Unmutual, unmutual, unmutual.” He knows what it’s like now not to trust a woman, because his downfall was partially due to Number 86. She allowed herself to be outwitted by Number 6, and then in a hypnotised state of mind {thanks to the sedative drug Mytol} 86 denounced Number 2 as being an Unmutual! I hope he makes it back to the relative safety of the Green Dome, he should be secure behind those blast proof doors to his office.
   ‘A change of Mind’ sees the second suggestion that Number 6 should undergo a leucotomy. It was first suggested by the doctor-Number 23 in ‘Checkmate.’ But Number 2 said Number 6 was too valuable for such drastic action. So really that statement made it a little unbelievable that such an operation would have taken place during this episode. Besides if it was true, what made Number 6 so unimportant all of a sudden? Yes to the Committee and the people of The Village the Prisoner was simply Citizen Number 6. Someone who is to be tolerated for a while, but after that, he must be shaped to fit! Something like circling the square in the aptitude test on the day of the Prisoner’s arrival in The Village. But of course to Number 2 Number 6 is someone of importance, mustn’t damage him permanently say their masters! So I never really thought they would make Number 6 undergo the process of Instant Social Conversion, they might have lost him for good. The only mystery to this episode was how it would finally work out. Well it worked out none too good for Number 2. Mind you it could have been all the worse for him, Instant Social Conversion for Number 2, and it might have been, had he not made it back to the comparative safety of the Green Dome!

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