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Monday 1 February 2016

We Want Information!

    I was wondering about the given situations regarding the attempts to extract information from Prisoners. Take Number 6 for example, a total of 11 times they tried to extract information from him, and I was wondering if any of those ways had been tried before? Like the time at the beginning of ‘Dance of The Dead,‘ when the doctor was attempting to extract information by using Dutton as a communications medium. Perhaps if used on a lesser man, one less so determined not to talk, it might have worked. Or perhaps if a plan like that failed, perhaps it was forgotten, never to be repeated but replaced with an even more elaborate plan. They say the simple plans are the best, least can go wrong. The doctor-Number 40 knew ways of extracting information, the only trouble with him was he didn’t know when to stop, as in the case of poor Walter Roland Dutton. But it might be imagined that many inmates of The Village are not trained to resist interrogation techniques. Dutton only lasted as long as he did because he had no further information to tell.
    It must be difficult to keep coming up with so many different and varied plans, each one more elaborate then the one before. But perhaps that’s because Number 6 had to be handled in a completely different way. None of the usual measures used against others could be used against Number 6. They didn’t want to end up with a man of fragments, or to damage the brain tissue. They wanted him with a whole heart, body and soul.
   I have never understood what made knowing the Prisoner’s resignation so important to them. Why did they need to know why he resigned? The only reason I can think of is that the information behind the Prisoner’s resignation would be added to make his personal file complete. After all the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation appeared to be the only thing they didn’t have in his file. Its strikes me that’s the only reason why they wanted to know why the Prisoner resigned!

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