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Friday 12 February 2016

Quote For The Day

    “You have vindicated the right of the individual to be individual.”
                                                 {The High Court Judge - Fall Out}

    High praise indeed, especially when individualism has always been frowned upon in The Village. But a former Number 2 once described individuals as “always trying.” Meaning they are just plain trying difficult or annoying, and hard to endure. Just because one is a number it doesn’t stop one from being a person or individual. We are all individuals, and individuals go to make up society. And society cannot survive without individuals, well it can, but what would that make society?
    But can it really be that they would have given in so easily, and so suddenly, in deciding that the former Number 6 knows the way, and he was asked to show them. Did the High Court Judge, who was but a former Number 2 himself, really have that power to make such a monumental decision as that? Perhaps he did, after all it was the Judge who issued the order to evacuate The Village. Or maybe more likely the Judge is but a former Number 2, who had been brought back to The Village while his predecessor was deliberating with Number 6 in the Embryo Room. And that once that week was up, with Number 2 having lost his life, the incumbent Number 2 had been instructed to have one last throw of the dice, one final manipulation of Number 6 in ‘Fall Out.’ That might account for the fact that it was the Judge who gave the order to evacuate The Village, because he was the incumbent Number 2 at the time, and no-one of authority was in a better position than he to give such an order.

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