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Monday 15 February 2016

Page 6

    Well page six who would have thought it.  Expect you’re expecting some deep meaningful something or other about ‘the Prisoner.’ Well hasn’t that been done to death over the years, no, over the decades? And what have we got back for our efforts, do we really understand the full meaning behind the series, is there one? And if there is do we not make that for ourselves?
    When was the last time you sat down to watch ‘the Prisoner‘ for its own sake, as a piece of escapism television? Will you watch it in order to celebrate the series 50th anniversary, and if you don’t will that mean anything? Probably not. After all no-one is charged to watch the series at all, not if they don’t want to. In fact I’m aware of a number of people who were once called hard-line enthusiasts, but aren’t any longer. They have nothing to do with ‘the Prisoner,’ they are beyond it, moved onto other interests. This love affair with a man who resigns his job and ends up abducted to a place called The Village is over, long since over. Me? Well I’m not done with the Prisoner just yet, not by a long chalk. There is still much to be revealed, and one day the
Butler will speak, you may depend upon it.

Be seeing you


  1. I've been watching The Prisoner again the last few weeks...and I am still as intrigued today as I was 50 years ago.
    Maybe it was the age I was when I first saw it...maybe it's that I like solving puzzles and reading mysteries...maybe it's that I've always liked Patrick McGoohan. Whatever it is...I am still a fan and love watching the episodes again and again.

    1. Dear Karen,
      It’s actually been a couple of years, perhaps longer, since my wife and I last watched ‘the Prisoner.’ Yet my interest in the series has not suffered for that. Like yourself I’m still as intrigued by the series as ever I was. What’s more the series still has much to reveal, as on occasion I still find things in ‘the Prisoner’ I had not observed before. Also ‘the Prisoner’ still retains a number of its secrets, and questions that 50 years on have still not been answered, and are now never likely to be answered!

      Best regards
      Be seeing you