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Monday 15 February 2016

The Therapy Zone

    ‘It’s Your Funeral’ holds a couple of contradictions when you think about it. Three if you count the time when The Tally Ho used to be issued daily at noon, but here Number 6 buys a copy from the kiosk at ten-twenty in the morning! Of course it’s always possible that the time of issue had been changed, at least that way we can give it the benefit of the doubt. Not quite so the words of the retiring Number 2. He told Number 6 that he’d never understood them, that they never fail. Well we know that’s not right, in fact a number of failures could be listed beginning with the time the maid-Number 66 attempted to gain some sort of information from the Prisoner in ‘Arrival,’ from the Prisoner’s arrival to the eventual evacuation of The Village. And what about what the interim Number 2 had to say about the Observers, that they do see and hear everything. Well they didn’t spot Number 6 following the doctor-Number 14 through the Village, through the woods to the laboratory. Nor did they observe the fight scene between Number 6 and Curtis in his cottage, or on the three occasions in ‘Checkmate’ when the Rook stole a surveillance camera, a telephone from a kiosk, and a screwdriver plus electrical equipment from the electrics truck. What’s more when Number 6 poured away that cup of tea into the flower vase while Number 86 was ferreting in the wardrobe for a rug, they didn’t see that either! These incidents, and others make a mockery of Number 2’s bold statements, “we never fail” and “Observers do see and hear everything.” How could they when there are only 7 Observers working in the Control Room at any one time? They must rely upon recorded surveillance film footage, but then by the time they come to review the surveillance tapes the events are long over and done with! What they should have done is to call for an increase in surveillance by having everybody watching everyone else, that would work, and nothing would be missed! The only drawback to that would be, that people would probably be reported for being suspect of something, simply because they did something which broke from the everyday norm, and for the most innocent of reasons!

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