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Saturday 13 February 2016

Bureau of Visual Records

   In the Control Room, having observed the Professor and the doctor in the General’s office on the wall screen, the Supervisor asks “Track the Professor?” “No, the art seminar” Number 2 tells him
   “Right, put up section thirty-nine, sound and vision” the supervisor orders.
    Who is in control of the wall screen in the Control Room? I only ask because when Number 2 says “No, the art seminar,” the Supervisor, then relays the instruction “Put up section thirty-nine, sound and vision” to someone else, someone seemingly outside of the Control Room because he uses a telephone. I would have thought that someone in the Control Room itself would have had access to the wall screen via a control panel, rather than an external agency. All the Supervisor would have to do then would be to relay Number 2’s orders across the chamber in order for an operative, to change the image on the wall screen, instead of having to give those orders via telephone.

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