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Saturday 13 February 2016

Full Circle!

    There comes a point when ‘the Prisoner’ comes full circle and begins all over again, or is that merely the beginning? For the Prisoner to relive everything after having handed in his letter of resignation repeatedly, over, and over again. But then what of us? Those fans and enthusiasts who have followed ‘the Prisoner’ what of us? If we were personally ever to come to a full and clear understanding of ‘the Prisoner,’ never mind what anyone else thinks, but clear understanding to our own individual satisfaction, what then for us? Do we, like ‘the Prisoner,’ begin all over again in our drive to comprehend what it is all about? Or do we simply sit down, watch and enjoy the series for what it is, pure escapism? And in that way not caring who the Prisoner was in his former life, or why the Prisoner resigned in the first place. Or bother ourselves about which side runs The Village, or even wonder who Number 2 is. After all what difference does it make? It doesn’t make any difference, not in the end. But in the Prisoner’s end is his beginning, so we’ll see what happens when we reach that fatal moment, and ‘the Prisoner begins all over again.

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