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Tuesday 9 February 2016

Caught On Camera!

   “I know who you are.”
   “Do you?”
   “We’ve worked together before.”
   “Have we?”
   “Yes, you’re Danger Man John Drake, yes I’ve worked with you before. Just you wait until I tell my brother Ralph.”
    “No, no this isn’t Danger Man, its something altogether different, the Prisoner”
   “But you’re wearing John Drake’s suit of clothes.”
   “Look, why don’t I give you the privilege of being the first to speak in the Prisoner?”
   “That’s an episode of Danger Man isn’t it?”
   “No I told you this is not
Danger Man.
   “Well if you say so.”
   “I do.”
   “Well Ralph will be impressed when I tell him I’m the first to speak in the Prisoner episode of
Danger Man.
   “How many times do I………oh just get on with it!”

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