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Friday 19 February 2016

Dissidents And Jammers!

   It was Number 12 who first mentioned dissidents, an organisation, being active in The Village. While under interrogation he asked Number 6 who the head man is, to which the reply came “Santa Clause.”
   The way Number 12 aided Number 6, first by giving him the Professor’s tape recorder he found on the beach. Later he supplied Number 6 with the Professor’s real message, the one heard on the tape recorder, but micro reduced and ready for transmission. Also a pair of
Security Pass discs. And when Number 6 went to see Number 12 in his office. That was when he supplied Number 6 with the uniform of a Top-Hot official of Administration. The work of a dissident working within the machine! And yet there is one question. How was it Number 12 was able to micro reduce the Professor’s message from the tape recorder? Because he found it on the beach and gave it to Number 6, and he was the last to have it, before he gave it to Number 6, seeing as he didn’t need it any more. Did Number 2 then give the tape recorder back to the Professor? If he did, he didn’t bother to have the Professor’s message wiped from the tape. Because at some point the recorder must have fallen back into Number 12’s hands, given to him by the Professor. But even if Number 2 himself had kept the tape recorder, which would have simply made it easier for Number 12 to lay his hands upon it again, he didn’t wipe the tape clean, otherwise Number 12 wouldn’t have been able to have the message on the recorder micro reduced ready for transmission. Because I think it was Number 12 to whom the Professor was going to hand his tape recorder to that day he went running along the beach. Otherwise why would Number 12 be on the beach that evening looking for it? He would have been lurking on the beach, seeing the Professor bury the tape recorder in the sand. He probably saw Number 6 come across it, then re-bury it when he heard the approaching Mini-Moke, before the two “prefects” appeared on the scene. And possibly Number 12, hiding in the bushes, would have seen that. Then that evening before curfew, Number 12 returned to the beach in order to retrieve the tape recorder. But why he didn’t simply dig it up after Number 6 and the two guardians had left the scene I don’t know.
   So at the time of ‘The General’ it is suggested that there are dissidents working in The Village and yet by the time of ‘It’s Your Funeral’ there are Jammers causing mischief with their non-existent plans and developments which they contrived to confuse the Observers. So perhaps there were two groups working against The Village, unless the dissidents later turned to jamming!

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