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Thursday 4 February 2016

Thought For The Day

      A Number of episodes of ‘the Prisoner’ have a specific theme running through them. It might be a plan of escape, or the desire to know why the Prisoner resigned. Number 6’s dreams became important in ‘A B and C.’ Soon after which the Village’s democratic process is revealed, as Number 6 decides to stand for public election to the position of Number 2. Well he said he might as well while he was waiting, waiting, waiting for what, a better opportunity? And that was followed by a right pair of Six’s, a double six its called in the game of Dominos, and with that game in mind, 2 set the Six against the Six. The theme here could almost be that of twins, especially when taking the password Number 2 gave Number 6….Gemini!
   They say education is a wonderful thing, and so it is, but with the application of Speedlearn, education becomes slavery in The Village! On the face of it Speedlearn has only the ability to teach historic facts, it appears to have no practical application. All we know of Speedlearn is the three year history course, we are unaware if there are other such courses, mathematics, philosophy, agriculture and so on. However for the more artistic amongst the citizens there is always Madam Professor’s art seminars.
    For ‘Dance of The Dead’ has death as its theme.
    If you are a student of chess, then the episode of ‘Checkmate’ is for you. But it must be remembered that we’re all pawns in someone’s game, and more often than not, pawns are scarified. However this game ends in a fool’s mate win……..for the Rook!
    ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ is steeped in paranoia, mainly Number 2’s,  which Number 6 plays on to an effective result. While ‘It’s Your Funeral’ has Appreciation Day. Tea gives the impression of running through the episode ‘A change of Mind, certainly Number 6 gives Number 86 a lesson in how to make the perfect cup of tea. Warm the pot always, well that’s stops the boiling water from cracking the earthenware teapot, it has no effect of bringing out the flavour of the tea. Nevertheless, watching Number 6 make the tea has the effect of making Number 2 feel like some tea himself, and as a matter of fact so do I.

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