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Saturday 13 February 2016

Rough Justice!

    The Prisoner had been sentenced to death for the possession of a radio. From somewhere, he has not yet been subject to interrogation, the accused acquired a radio. He had no radio of his own, there’s no radio he could have borrowed, so when acquiring one…..just a minute, Number 240, the Prisoner prosecutor, said that there was no radio he could have borrowed, no radio he could have acquired. What about Number 34, the man Number 6 found dead man on the beach that morning. That’s where Number 6 had acquired it from, a pocket in the dead man’s trousers. So the question must be, how, and from where had he managed to acquire a radio?
   So having been found guilty the Prisoner is sentenced to death in the name of the people. The people carry out the sentence in the name of justice. But all the people are, a mob screaming for the Prisoner’s blood. And had they got their hands on their quarry, they might well have torn the Prisoner limb from limb in the name of justice!
    But that wouldn’t be the last time Number 6 would face an angry mob. Not one screaming for his blood, but he was attacked by umbrella wielding women of the Sub-Appeal Committee! They saw to it that the angry mob of Village citizens saw Number 6 manhandled to the hospital in order for him to undergo the procedure known as Instant Social Conversion.
    The last person to face an angry mob, well to be more accurate a lynch mob, was Cathy Johnson. She tried to stop the town’s people of Harmony from hanging her brother. Well the angry mob was outside the Jailhouse screaming for blood and they had to have someone, so the Judge gave them Johnson instead of the stranger.
  It could be considered that the Professor faced a mob, those of his students who set upon the Professor as he was running away from The Village along the beach. But that might be considered to be stretching a point. Mind you it might not have been an angry mob, but they did chase the Professor down, and they did manhandle him all the way back to The Village. Hospitality like that is difficult to resist!

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