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Friday 19 February 2016

Now He Knows Whose Side He’s On!

  I thought Number 6 took it quite calmly at the end of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ simply to walk away like that, with Fotheringay, and Nadia standing on the steps of the Recreation Hall. Certainly Number 6 knows now that he has been betrayed on all fronts, Nadia as a plant, and by those on his own side, even by Fotheringay. Ah, but by this time the Prisoner-Number 6 doesn’t have a “side” anymore, because he had resigned from all that business, even though he still seems to feel a loyalty towards them. And because of that, he might well have thought that loyalty works both ways, that’s why having escaped The Village, he went running back to his ex-colleagues seeking their help. After all who else could he have gone running to? To report the fact of The Village to them. But it doesn’t quite work like that, he’s not one of them anymore, he had resigned, which makes him fair game for any side. Yet it might not have been a lesson learned, as Number 6 does go running back to the Colonel a second time, but then having made his report he is helped by his ex-colleagues, only to be returned to The Village. After all, the Colonel couldn’t have a man like Number 6 who has knowledge about The Village roaming about, free to talk to anyone! After all look at it from their position, by having placed Number 6 in The Village, they were simply protecting their investment in him, together with the information inside his head including that of The Village.

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