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Saturday 6 February 2016

Alternative Chimes

    The script for ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ is like any other script, for compared to what we see on the screen, there are changes which have been made to the original script. Such as;
   Old lady passes Number 2 by with her shopping basket: "Lovely day."
   Number 2: "Indeed."
    Old Lady: "Look. See what I've bought, wool. I'm going to weave a shawl for the exhibition."
   Number 2: "Very good Number Thirty-eight. there's a special prize for your age group I believe. Be seeing you."
   Old lady: "And you."
   They then salute each other and Number 2 approaches the table on the lawn of the Old People's Home, just as the General is standing up.
   {Luckily for Number 6, Number 38's shawl project was changed to that of a tapestry. Just as well, as a shawl simply wouldn’t cut the mustard as a sail!}

Be seeing you

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