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Tuesday 16 February 2016

What’s That No.6 Up To?

   Looks like he’s been playing truant again. Mind you I don’t think he’s one of the Professor’s students. I wonder if…… that would be ridiculous wouldn’t it? Mind you the Professor was caught down on the beach by a group of his students, and Number 6 was seen and caught loitering on the beach by those two so called prefects. And he came across the Professor’s tape recorder hidden in the sand. Might it possibly be conceivable that the Professor was going to meet Number 6 on the beach, so that he could give him the tape recorder? After all, the Professor must have been going to do something with it other than hide it in the sand. That has always seemed as a last resort, that should he be caught, the tape recorder would not be found on the Professor. Lucky for him it was Number 6 who came across the tape recorder accidentally, it could have been someone else less than sympathetic. Someone like Number 12 for example. But even then he turned out to be sympathetic to the cause, which turned out to be lucky………. for Number 6!   
    One might be forgiven that a fight between Number 6 and the two guardians on the beach might ensue, but no. These are polite prefects, and seeing as they don’t want Number 6 to start the term with a black mark, they give him a nice ride home. That “start the term with a black mark,” it’s suggestive. Because it does seem that Number 6 has no idea who the General or the Professor are, and Speedlearn does appear to have been going quite some time prior to the commencement of ‘The General.’ Which would mean Number 6 has already missed a number of the Professor’s history lectures, and that would normally put Number 6 at the back of the class. But as demonstrated, Number 6 is a quick learner as with that time when Number 2 and the other guy went to Number 6’s cottage searching for the Professor’s tape recorder. Number 6 was already word perfect after just one lecture, when Number 2 asked him when was the treaty of
Adrianople? What happened in 1830? Number 6 answered word perfect, and only after one lecture which he never even realised had taken place. So word perfect in fact, that Number 2 was able to synchronise himself in the same answer! Its no wonder the Professor came to see Speedlearn as an abomination and slavery!

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