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Sunday 14 February 2016

That’s Unlucky For No.6!

    Black cats can either be lucky, or unlucky if they cross your path, but in either case whatever luck they contain is dependent upon where you live in the World. In history black cats have been judged to be a symbol of evil omens, or the “familiar” of a witch! But either way its back luck on Number 6, because “You’re not allowed animals, it’s a rule,” well that’s what Number 54 told Number 6 in ‘Dance of The Dead.’
    They say a cat has two homes, and the black cat in The Village appears to be no different. Because although the cat belongs to Number 2 {she apparently being exempt from the rule} she does make herself at home in Number 6’s cottage, the cat not Number 2. Probably because Number 6 fed the cat some cream.
   But if as Number 2 says, the cat belongs to her, how are we to account for the fact that the same cat is seen in the previous episode, ‘Many Happy Returns?’ For as well as witnessing Number 6 leaving The Village, the cat is on station to see his return. As well as accompanying Number 2 {Mrs. Butterworth} when she brings Number 6 the cake she said she would bake him if he promised come back. And as good as his word Number 6 came back…… The Village! One way to account for the fact that Number 2 in ‘Dance of the Dead’ told Number 6 that the cat belonged to her, would be that originally ‘Dance of The Dead’ was to have been the second episode. And that would make it right with the cat. But not with Mrs. Butterworth, because the cat would still accompany Number 2 when she brought Number 6 the cake towards the end of ‘Many Happy Returns.’ Perhaps when Number 2 of the previous episode was still in The Village at the beginning of ‘Many Happy returns,‘ and when she eventually left The Village she couldn’t take the cat with her. But no, that doesn’t fit, because it’s a man sitting in the chair in Number 2’s office during the opening sequence, and it’s a man’s voice we hear. There’s one thing about ‘the Prisoner,’ it sure does like to vex us with its conundrums!

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