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Sunday 14 February 2016

Village Life!

   For some reason the Professor took it into his head to run away. With such an attentive doctor it makes one wonder how he managed to escape the confines of his house! However the reason for the Professor’s action was a simple one, or was it? Yes he did hide his tape recorder, containing his message about Speedlearn being an abomination, and about the General having to be destroyed, in the sand of the beach, but he was being chased down by a group of his students at the time. So what was the Professor’s original intention, what was he going to do with that tape recorder? Perhaps he was going to meet someone on the beach, and give it to that person, Number 12 for example. But the Professor was being chased by a number of his students, and all the Professor could do was hide his tape recorder in the sand. After that a number of citizens chased the Professor down, and proceeded to manhandle him back to The Village. But having hidden the tape recorder, no doubt his intention was to go back for it, should the opportunity arise. Sadly that opportunity never came, but thankfully someone else happened upon it….Number 6! But even then he had to hide the tape recorder because he had been found playing truant by two prefects. Later Number 6 returned to the beach looking for the tape recorder he had buried in the sand… was not there! But Number 12 was there, lurking in the bushes. He had found the tape recorder, and had it in his blazer pocket. But how did he know where the tape recorder was? He like Number 6, must have been down on the beach and saw the tape recorder buried by either the Professor or Number 6, or by both. And then set about retrieving it himself. So that suggests it might well have been Number 12 to whom the Professor was to pass the tape recorder onto. Otherwise what was he doing down on the beach?
   There is one more thing. Why is it that a group of citizens were used to chase the Professor down? Yes the helicopter was used to help in the search for the Professor, but once he’s running along the beach towards the southern perimeter surely an Orange Alert should have been issued and the white membranic Guardian released in order to chase the Professor down. Why use people? Perhaps that was the kindest way. After all being suffocated into unconsciousness by the Guardian might well have done for the Professor, causing a heart attack. By using people to bring the Professor back to The Village, the worst thing that could happen is he would have got a little bruised in the struggle. Not that the Professor struggled all that much. And the Students, well they wouldn’t have wanted to hurt the kindly old gentleman too much. After all to them, the Professor was at the very least the face of Speedlearn!

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