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Monday 1 February 2016

The Therapy Zone

    I feel rather like that chemist who was supposed to live in that cave, you know the chap in ‘Free For All,’ he ran a still in what is called the Therapy Zone. According to Number 2 he played with his chalk, presumably working on some kind of formulae, I cannot make out what it is he’s drawn on that blackboard. In all probability something absolutely meaningless, but for purposes of fiction, they come down once a week, photograph the stuff, clean the blackboard up so that he can get to work on another lot. And that’s me, I write my blog, post it, wipe the sheet clean so that I can get to work on another lot. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, after all it’s what I do. After all it’s perhaps what ‘the Prisoner’ has been leading me towards. And how many people can say they are really free to do whatever they like? No I mustn’t complain, the only time I do is when inspiration eludes me, which it hasn’t done for some time, touching wood.
   But that chemist didn’t really live in that cave, like some outcast from The Village who is allowed to live the life of a hermit. Well of course not, that final scene in the Therapy Zone should have been enough to confirm that. So it must follow that there’s only the cave, and no Therapy Zone. That was simply set up for Number 6’s benefit, to make it easy for the chemist to administer the drug, the drug which was exact to proportions so to see it carried Number 6 right through the election. Mind you might not the drug simply have been administered in Number 6’s drink while he was in the Cat and Mouse nightclub? After all the barman could easily have administered the drug, by mixing it in Number 6’s drink. The Chemist could have done it himself while masquerading as the barman! That’s the thing when it comes to Number 6, they always have to overcomplicate matters with elaborate plans and schemes, when there is a far simpler option available!

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