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Saturday 7 May 2016

A Change of Mind!

    Originally the script for ‘A Change of Mind’ called for the more brutal way of operating a leucotomy upon a patient. Ie that the Prisoner was originally to have been clamped on the operating table, under a local anaesthetic. This was so that he could watch a monitor screen showing the operation he was about to undergo. Apparently he was to have watched a pre-loaded film, using a look-a-like for the Prisoner. The incisions in the skin on both sides of the forehead, two tiny holes being drilled into the skull, the insertions of probes, their gradual manoeuvring in order to isolate the aggressive frontal lobes of the brain. Not forcing two probes up through the nasal passages then! But luckily there was a change of mind to the isolation of the aggressive frontal lobes by sonic beam which we see in the episode. The original scene in which Number 6 is supposed to have undergone Instant Social Conversion, would have been unbelievably different, and grizzly. The  fact that there was to have been a second look-a-like for Number 6 appearing in ‘the Prisoner,’ after ‘The Schizoid Man,’ and what with the advent of Number 1 being Number 6 in ‘Fall Out,’ would make doubles for Number 6 appear to have been like pulling rabbits out of a hat!

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