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Thursday 26 May 2016

Thought For The Day

    Who was Nadia Rakovsky going to give her report to? Somehow I dont think it was Number 1, seeing as she was dressed for leaving The Village. So it must have been some authority outside The Village, those masters whom both Cobb in Arrival, and Number 2 of The Schizoid Man mentioned. Masters within British Intelligence, certainly not the Colonel. He happens to have first hand knowledge about how the plan failed, so theres no need to report to him. And who is to say that the Colonel and Nadia were working for the same department? Dont forget Fotheringay had to get back to London before any embarrassing questions were asked, that might also be said of the Colonel. That would suggest a different department altogether, yet possibly within British Intelligence. Secondment is a word which springs to mind where both the Colonel and Fotheringay are concerned, seconded from another department. In the same way Curtis was seconded to The Village. Youll recall how Number 2 had to pull strings to get Curtis seconded back to The Village. Which in turns suggests Curtis had worked for The Village before! Curtis and Nadia had one thing in common, they were both field agents, seconded to The Village regarding Number 6. Also they both encountered the Guardian. However unlike Nadias experience, Curtis found his to have been fatal! But then it might be expected that unlike Nadia, Curtis might not have been briefed about the Guardian. Whereas Nadias experience with the Guardian had been planned, and so it may be expected in her case she had been briefed on the Guardian. But I expect that even that would not have fully prepared her for what to expect. A gutsy lady Nadia Rakovsky, a good agent in the field, who unlike Curtis survived in order to report to her masters, whoever they may have been!

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