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Thursday 12 May 2016

Quote For The Day

    “There will be music and happiness all at the Carnival….by order”
                                       {The Town Crier - Dance of the Dead}

    I wonder why The Village needed a town crier to make that announcement? After all a cheery female voice has always made the public announcements in the past, via the public address system. But I suppose the Town Crier adds a little colour to the proceedings. And in bygone days it was always the Town Crier who stood shouting out the news and public announcements to the people, that’s how they knew what was going on in their town. But it’s strange that the Town crier should find himself on the Judge’s panel at the trial of the Prisoner. And for him to read out the death sentence against the Prisoner. In fact of the three judges Emperor Nero is the “odd one out!’  But perhaps that’s why he was chosen to be one of the three Judges, for his impartiality, in never having had any direct contact with the Prisoner. But he didn’t sound all that impartial, if anyone was, it was Queen Elizabeth. After all when it came to the Prisoner asking for a character witness, she was the only person there to see the Prisoner has his rights. Today they would be his human rights, and the Prisoner would be screaming about the infringement of his human rights, seeing as how he had been abducted against his will, and therefore was being detained in The Village unlawfully!

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