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Sunday 8 May 2016

The Irony of Love!

    It’s ironic the way the Beatles song “All You Need Is Love” is played during the fire-fight in ‘Fall Out.’ All that death being dished out, when all that was needed was a little brotherhood of man. And yet even before anywhere near that falling out, there was the Professor and the General. What was it Number 2 said of the General, “The Professor’s own work, he gave birth to it, and loves it with a passionate love. Probably hates it even more.” In other words it was a love-hate relationship, two different sides of the same coin. The Professor proclaimed in his taped message that the General must be destroyed. But love and hate are powerful emotions, perhaps love was the driving force behind the Professor when he tried to save the General when it was self-destructing. After all when a child is in danger, the parent will do all in their power to save that child, even to the point of their own destruction!

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