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Saturday 14 May 2016

Today I Am Mostly Watching THEPRIS6NER

   This episode begins where ‘Darling’ left off, yes there’s been another gas explosion in New York city! There was one reported in ‘Arrival’ just before the Solar Café in The Village was blown up! Well it’s happened again, only this time its Michael’s apartment which has blown up, causing the death of Lucy.
    Six blames Two for killing 4-15, the woman Six was supposed to love, and for whom he apparently still has feelings. Six is at the gate of the Clinic, he shouts for Two to come out and fight like a man. But Two is enjoying a breakfast of caviar and plovers eggs. Every bit of pain Six knows is because of Two, but vows that he will find a way to make Two suffer! Casually watching from a distance is Six, well two times Six actually. The question is what is the reality? Are there really two Six’s in The Village? It seems that two times Six wants to kill Two, but doesn’t that mean Six wants to kill Two?
   Isn’t two times Six a figment of Six’s imagination, conjured up in his subconscious, because it seems that only Six can see two times Six. Well just for a second Un-Two sees two times Six’s reflection in a window of The Village Shop, but it was only for a second then the reflection was gone. Un-Two goes out and about in The Village, he calls into The Village shop and enjoys smoking a cigarette with the shopkeeper;
    Ting-a-ling-ling sounds the shop bell as Un-Two enters the Village Shop.
    “Do you have cigarettes?”
    The Shopkeeper "No. But would you like to buy a map of The Village?”
    “You sure you don't have any cigarettes?.....Would you look?”
    “We haven't had cigarettes here for eight years and five months.”
    “If you don't look, how can you be really sure that you're right?”
    {The Shopkeeper-37927 looks under the counter and produces a pack of Village cigarettes and a book of matches. Un-Two looks longingly at the packet. The shopkeeper unwraps the packet and offers Un-Two a cigarette and lights it. Un-Two draws long and deep on the cigarette, and offers one to 37927, and together they enjoy a guilty pleasure.}
    Shopkeeper “I didn't supply you with these cigarettes.”
   “I don't have them. I don't even know what they are.”
    “I'd forgotten they even existed. You came in here to buy a map.”
    “I used to smoke in order to think.”
    “You did? Are you thinking now?”
    “I am. Sometimes........”
    "I think...........”
    “Go on.”
   “These things will kill you, you know. The main health risks in tobacco relate to diseases of the cardiovascular system. In particular  myocardial infraction, diseases of the respiratory tract, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. And asthma, emphysema and cancers, in particular lung cancer, and cancers of the larynx and tongue.”
    “So I've heard.”
    “Smoking is a kind of suicide.”
    "That's a bit philosophical....for a Thursday.”
    {Un-Two stubs out his cigarette}
    “Thank you, and I'll say good day to you.”
    As Un-Two leaves The Village shop the shopkeeper is on the telephone making a call to the Clinic to report his customer.
    This scene is a very seductive one. The way Un-Two and the shopkeeper-37927 enjoy smoking their cigarettes always makes me feel like I would enjoy a cigarette, and I gave up smoking over twenty years ago!!!
  As for Un-Two, there is no Un-Two, its Just Two. But somehow I cannot help but like both characters. As for two times Six, Michael looks down upon The Village through a window of one of the twin towers, and sees two times Six standing on a street corner outside The Village shop. He bangs on the window trying to attract two times Six’s attention. But then a bus passes by and two times Six is gone…… perhaps he was never there in the first place. Because it’s himself Michael sees standing on the street corner, meaning Six, and not Two times Six!

Breathe in…..breathe out……Village life goes on
Be seeing you

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