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Tuesday 17 May 2016

Village Life!

    The Prisoner having climbed the Bell Tower thinking he had seen someone up there leaning out of a window, only came face to face with a statue! From there he looked down from on high to see a waitress opening the café.
    “We’ll be open in a minute” the waitress informed him. The Prisoner asks the name of The Village, and declines the offer of breakfast, but perhaps the coffee’s ready! There’s no police station, and the café has no telephone, but there’s a call box around the corner!
   “Number please.” The Prisoner asks what exchange it is, but the operator only wants to know what his number is. The Prisoner looks at the telephone, it hasn’t got a number. Well no number, no call!
    The new arrival to The Village then turns his attention to the electronic free information board. All the information he is likely to require is there, all he has to do is push a button and find out. He runs a finger down a menu list, and pauses under the number 9 for taxi rank. One might think that the Prisoner presses the number 9 button, but he didn’t, he pressed the top left-hand button, the number 1! Then came the sudden roar of an engine as a taxi draws up and comes to a sudden stop, as though the Prisoner had requested a taxi, which he hadn’t! The oriental driver asks him “Where to sir?” When he doesn’t reply she speaks to him in French. Why? Because the driver thought he might be a Pole, or Czech! But that’s not the point. The point is, that instantly after the Prisoner pressed the number 1 button. At this point the prisoner is unaware that people in The Village are known by numbers. So perhaps he was intrigued as to what number 1 denoted!, A taxi pulls up suddenly distracting him, thus preventing him from finding out. It appears to be quite deliberate for the taxi to appear on the scene so instantly, the taxi rank must have been just around the corner! Not that the Prisoner had ordered a taxi in the first place, because he hadn’t, that’s just how it appears to the viewer. That’s what is so surreal about The Village, the way things happen that are so inexplicable!

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