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Tuesday 3 May 2016

Village Life!

   “You two look to be enjoying the Convention.”
   “Yes, as a matter of fact this is out first Prisoner Convention.”
   “Are you entering the Prisoner Brain of Village Competition?”
   “Yes we are.”
   “Good. Can I ask you what happened at
four thirty-one am on March nineteenth nineteen twenty-eight?”
   “The Prisoner was born.”
   “What happened in September nineteen sixty-six?”
   “The Prisoner resigned his job.”
   “Why did the Prisoner resign?”
   “It was a matter of conscience.”
   “Good. And finally in ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ at the end of the bout of Kosho, why didn’t Number Six dunk Number Fourteen in the tank of water?”
   “Probably because Basil Hoskins wasn’t a stuntman!”
   “Clever answer, enjoy the Convention.”

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