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Saturday 7 May 2016

Citizen No.2

    That didn’t go so well for you did it, certainly not as expected. The trouble with you was, you underestimated Number 6, and you were too confident. You took your eye off the ball just at that crucial moment. Number 6 woke up whilst lying on that operating table the first time he was brought into the laboratory. He saw Number 14, and her image was projected onto the wall screen. You didn’t see that because you had your nose in ‘A’s’ file at the time. And Number 14 didn’t tell you what had happened, that just showed where her loyalties lay, not with you! If she had told you that Number 6 had woken up, opened his eyes and seen her, then it might have been possible to have countered that. It’s no wonder he came into your office that time and told you he had a favourite doctor, Number 14. Number 6 was toying with you, bragging about it. And you spent all that time researching and computing the Prisoner’s whole life, and all you could say was that it boiled down to three people, A, B , and C. All that time and effort wasted. After you had researched and computed the Prisoner’s whole life, it never once occurred to you to ask the computer, seeing as it had been programmed with all the basic facts, why the Prisoner-Number 6 resigned his job. Had you done so you might have saved a great deal of time, and effort, as well as saving your own reputation! At the very least it would have been worth a try Number 2! Mind you not everyone gets a second chance, you are one of the lucky few. However next time try not to allow Number 6 to become involved in your machinations!
   Footnote: As it happens this Number 2, who failed in his task, is the only such failure to be given a second term in office! The headline of The Tally Ho, although, questions Number 2 health “Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?” Suffering as he does from a stomach ulcer, hence his drinking milk, suggests that he was being lined for a second term in office. Only next time he’ll have no direct dealings with Number 6!

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