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Monday 2 May 2016

Well You’re In My Country Now!

    What country might that be, France? After all that drive in the car, during ‘A B and C,’ didn’t seem to take all that long. They appeared to drive through Paris to a château in the country. Perhaps ‘A’ meant they were in his countryside, unless the drive was meant to be an allegorical journey, and longer than we actually see on the television screen. “Well you’re in my country now,” suggests somewhere in the east, Germany, or Czechoslovakia perhaps, or to whatever country ‘A’ defected. If that’s right, then that car journey did take longer than first thought! More than that, ZM73 is going to have a hell of a journey back to England. Unless having driven out of Parris to a château in the French countryside, “You’re in my country now,” might mean just that ‘A’ didn’t defect so far, but just across the Channel to France? In fact I’ve just examined a long list of defectors from 1945 to 1968 and no-one ever defected to France, why should they? So perhaps “Well you’re in my country now” wasn’t the Soviet Union, but East Germany or Czechoslovakia, either one would be more plausible.
   On the other hand, ‘A’ might simply have meant that on reaching the chateau, he was now in ‘A’s’ domain!

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