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Saturday 14 May 2016

Under House Arrest!

   There are some people who leave The Village, and those who do not leave, it might be imagined that because of both the General and Speedlearn the Professor and Madam Professor fall in the latter category! They are both necessary even essential. The Professor no problem, he’s a lovely fellow, people love him, they’ll take anything from him. It’s the image you see, the kindly image. As for Madam Professor, she is warm and sympathetic, she’d talk her husband into anything to keep him alive. Such is the course of true love.
   The Professor and Madam Professor are two such citizens of The Village who are never once allowed to leave the comfort of their home. They are never seen out and about in The Village, except for that one time when the Professor managed to get out, and was seen to be running along the beach chased by a number of his students, and being unable to run any further was caught up by said students who then manhandled the Professor back to The Village. As for Madam Professor she is confined to holding her Art Seminars in the garden of her house. Effectively they are under house arrest, but why? The answer appears to be a simple one, seeing the views the Professor holds for the General and Speedlearn, the one being an abomination and slavery, that the other must be destroyed, such was his message to his students.
    House arrest is a form of protection, but protection for whom, and from whom? Obviously the Professor and his wife were in no danger from the citizens, and vice versa, only from Number 2! But, perhaps it was protection for both the General and Speedlearn, protection from the Professor, seeing his personal view was of both of them. That the citizens are being tricked! Speedlearn is an abomination, it is slavery, and the General must be destroyed! Had the Professor been allowed to mingle with the citizens, he would have been at large to talk to them all directly. But if that was the case, then why was Madam Professor allowed to hold her art seminars? As far as we know the Professor never met any of the art students at the seminars. Perhaps Madam Professor was allowed to hold the seminars just as long as she didn’t talk to them about her husband, Speedlearn, or the General. If she did then perhaps pain might be administered to the Professor. So to keep him safe, she would hold her tongue, after all Madam Professor would do anything to protect her husband.

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