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Monday 2 May 2016

The Mountains

    Why the mountains? Because that is what they are, the mountains, they do not need a name. A name is just a place on a map. “Geography is a matter of physical illusion. Lines on a map, words on a signpost, it’s this that gives a place its identity. After all you are where you recognise yourself to be. Mister Donavon says that all countries are countries of the mind.” Well that’s alright for Colony Three, its set out as a typical English town, whereas The Village, well it’s Italianate, a mixture of architecture. In ‘A B and C’ ZM73 referred to the mountains, when he said to ‘B’ “Last I remember you were hiking across the mountains to err Switzerland?” Apparently she got sore feet! So what is it with names? We have to call him the Prisoner ZM73 when he isn’t in The Village, because he hasn’t a proper name, and she’s ‘B.’ Not even the name of the Swiss Alps is used, it’s the mountains. It makes one wonder if The Village is just over the Swiss Alps! Or on the other hand, perhaps more suited to the Italianate Village, might be the Italian Alps!

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  1. Nr6DE
    "So what is it with names?" A good question, David. Proper names in the Village, there are none (well, almost). So, why should there be geographical denominations? Would be too puzzling wouldn't it. It would certainly remind the villagers too much of the outside world. But there's more to it. Explanations given by describing something with or through itself is called tautology. This, in turn, means circular reasoning, cyclical by nature as the The Prisoner series as such. It doesn't leave you with the possibility to reason or substantiate. - BCNU!

  2. Hello Arno,
    That's mighty deep for a Monday morning. I'm stiil trying to get my head round the latter part of the comment. I'll have to give it more thought.
    Geographical dimensions would limit The Village, from being almost anywhere in the world when you get there, to being in just one place! And as you say, real names would be giving too much away, reminding the citizens too much of the outside world. And yet might not those arriving in The Village for the first time, bring information of the outside world with them? After all Dutton wanted to know how London was, but Number 6 was very vague about it saying "About the same." Well at that point that's all he could say at the time having been away from London himself for so long a time. But it demonstrates that the outside world is in the citizen’s mind, for a while at least!

    Very best regards
    Be seeing you