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Sunday 8 May 2016

If Only They Knew!

    What a cheery lot the citizens are as they pay homage to both the retiring Number 2, and the new Number 2 on Appreciation Day. Look at their smiling happy faces. If they knew that a purge of The Village was intended they wouldn’t’ be so happy. And if it wasn’t for Number 6, perhaps……….. As for their new Number 2, well I can’t see there’s much to be happy about. He looks rather severe on that placard. I wouldn’t care to be in their canvas deck shoes the day after Appreciation day. Life in The Village could soon get a whole lot worse. And might he not go seeking revenge upon Number 6 for bringing about the failure of Plan Division Q? But mind you might that in itself calls into question how long a term of office this particular Number 2 has. Might not that term of office be over as soon as it began? But perhaps not, after all Number 6 did say to Number 2 about the great day being nearly over. And how it came off rather well he thought. Better than planned. And he hoped that Number 2 can look forward to his own retirement, as he is sure that they’ll arrange something equally suitable for this new Number 2, when the day comes. However on the other hand……… perhaps there was no intended assassination/execution of the retiring Number 2, and so no purging The Village of malcontents. Plan Division Q might simply have been another test to which Number 6 was put, in order to see if he could counter the machinations of the interim Number 2, which of course he did. But that bomb in the replica of the Great Seal of Office looked real enough. Had Number 6 and Monique not reached her father the Watchmaker in the Bell Tower in time…………… Such a scenario  might well have ended in death, disaster, and utter failure for this new Number 2!

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