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Monday 23 May 2016

The Colonel Did His Duty!

    Tell Number One I did my duty.
    Yes Professor Jacob Seltzmans mind escaped The Village, or at least we assume he escaped the Village, in a body perhaps not to his liking, the Colonel’s. Why assume? Well we can only go by what Number 6 said, that the Professor is now free to continue with his experiments in peace. For all we know Seltzman could have been brought back in the helicopter, the pilot ordered to do so over the radio. Or even flown back in the helicopter by remote control, just as the Prisoner was when he tried to escape The Village in Arrival.
   But what of the Colonel? He was another traitor, or turncoat just like two of his predecessors. Well one that we know of, and another possible. The Colonel, worked for The Village when called upon. Perhaps he had once been a prisoner, and had been turned like Cobb, Fotheringay, and his Colonel. His mind died in the Seltzmans body, therefore he couldnt be retuned to the department of British intelligence from whence he came. If he was married he certainly couldn’tt be returned to his wife and family. So no doubt he was buried in The Village cemetery, in an unmarked grave, seeing as he had no number!
    I always felt sorry for this particular Colonel, because he had been seconded to The Village, no matter how gratified he was at being sent there by the highest authority, but without being told why. Its no wonder he looked nervous! Did he take it like a man when they told him he was to undergo a mind transference with Number 6? Or did he go kicking and screaming, before they sedated him I wonder? But he did his duty, and an old soldier can do no more than his duty.

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