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Thursday 5 May 2016

Citizen No.8

    Yes you want to keep a close eye on Number 6, but that’s what they want you to do. You may care for him, even be in love with him, but that love is manufactured, it’s manmade! He intends to escape The Village given half a chance, and that means he’ll escape you! Why were you brought to The Village? We know partly what’s happened to you since, you’ve been used as a pawn in Number 2‘s games. Any plan you’ve helped anyone with has failed, and we know why. But don’t feel too bad, any plan involving Number 6 hasn’t been successful thus far either.
   Did you come to The Village of your own volition, or were you brought here? Personally I can’t think of any reason as to why you should be brought to The Village. You don’t seem the least bit important, unless of course your importance wore out. But at least a doctor found some value in you, as a tool in her latest experiment. Are you here alone or with a husband, that’s a wedding ring or engagement ring on your finger isn’t it? If your husband isn’t here in The Village with you, he must be somewhere over there. I expect he must miss you. Do you miss him? Or is it that in having become used to the way of life in The Village, everything and everyone elsewhere becomes lost to you. After all there’s no escape, and so there’s no point in pining for a life now lost to you, is there?

Be seeing you

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