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Tuesday 17 May 2016

Whatever Happened To?

    Whatever happens to those citizens we see but perhaps once, such as the electrician and gardener in ‘Arrival?’ The faces in the crowd, the citizens in the background, like the couple who greeted the Prisoner on the day of his arrival.
   “Beautiful day.”
   “They didn’t settle for ages, now they wouldn’t leave for the world!”
   Citizens like them are seen in a large number of the episodes, but not the electrician, gardener, the doctor in ‘Arrival,’ the doctor in ‘Dance of the Dead’ the doctor in ‘Checkmate.’ The Rook, Number 8 who had been hypnotized into thinking she’s in love with Number 6, and he with her. Number 14 the chess champion, and Number 42 the painter. Number 19, or is it Number 56, either way the shopkeeper in ‘Checkmate,’ but at least he did get two appearances! Madam Professor, the waiter and waitress at the café’s. The kiosk vendors, the taxi drivers, the gardener who Number 6 said he wanted a word with, but who told him he’d have to wait. Then there’s the General who played chess with Number 6. I’m not adding Number 66 the ex-Admiral, because he can be seen sitting at tables on the lawn in other episodes besides ‘Arrival.’ Then there are a number of supervisors, but perhaps Numbers 22 and 56 were standing in for Number 26 on his days off! Mind you Number 46 was the night-time Supervisor, so you need at least two supervisors per week, and others when any two supervisors come off shift, so that accounts for them! But generally, the main citizens or characters in The Village have their exits and their entrances, and are generally not seen more than once, in a small enough Village where people should be seen on an almost daily basis like the ordinary faces in the crowd, the citizens in the background. So what happens to those citizens seen in The Village but once, where do they go?

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