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Saturday 21 May 2016

Bureau of Visual Records

   Of the black cat Number 2 said “Oh she’s mine, she works here too, she’s very efficient. Almost ruthless.” However there must be two such black cats in The Village. Why? When Number 6 leaves his cottage to go out into the night in ‘Dance of the Dead,’ the cat is lying on his bed. A few moments later, as Number 2 enters her office, there’s a black cat on her desk! If it’s the same cat, how did the cat get from Number 6’s cottage to Number 2’s office in the Green Dome so quickly? What’s more, how did the cat actually get in, there’s no cat flap in any of the doors. It can only be imagined that the Butler let the cat in!

Be seeing you


  1. We've seen other duplicates, such as the Gardener/Electrician and Photographer/Newspaper Vendor. Perhaps one of the cats is the Schizoid Cat!


    1. Hello ZM72,
      That's fair comment, and so why not? There are as you say, duplicate people in The Village, so why not two identical cats, perhaps they are twins!

      Best regards