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Monday 9 May 2016

Thought For The Day

    They brought Number 73 to The Village because they couldn’t find her husband. She said he was over there, somewhere there, presumably behind the Iron Curtain, apparently had some work to finish. 73’s husband did rather well to avoid the agents working for The Village. But they must have known which country 73’s husband was, because although they knew that he was meeting the woman Mariah, and the hotel where they met, they still couldn’t catch him. That seems like gross incompetence if you ask me. So what did they do? They brought his wife to the Village in the hope that she would tell Number 2 where her husband was. But she didn’t, all she could say was he was somewhere over there. We know what happened then, 73 jumped to her death through a hospital window. But what happened after that? No I don’t mean about Number 6 looking out of the window, and then making the pledge that Number 2 will pay for 73’s death. I mean about 73’s husband. What happened when he came back from behind the iron Curtain, or wherever it was, and returned home to find his wife not there?! He wouldn’t know where his wife was. He might think she had left him, but would have no idea that she had been abducted to The Village. Unless they picked him up when he returned home, and then abducted him to The Village. If he went home that is. He might have remained with the woman Mariah, never to see his wife again. Mariah might be an enemy agent working for the Soviets, that might put 73’s husband into the hands of the Russians, and anything could happen after that. Either way he’d not see his wife again!

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