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Monday 23 May 2016

Caught On Camera!

    Number 6 is helped ashore after he successfully escapes The Village on a raft made from two rubber lilos, after the Rook chickened out! This is his third attempt to escape by raft, so its third time lucky for Number 6!
   Where, where is this place?
Ireland Paddy me boyo. You’ve come home!
Thats right Paddy, the first man to cross the Irish Sea on a raft!
    Why is he wearing his old school blazer?
    Hell be thinking its Regatta week!
    Well hes certainly come dressed for it!

Be seeing you


  1. Number Six would have been great to wear swim trunks and fins in his raft ride to Ireland David! BCNU! !!

    1. Hello Pat,
      Be a bit cold sitting on an open raft in the Irsih sea dressed like that!