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Tuesday 10 May 2016

Caught On Camera!

    Fans of the 1960's series ‘the Pris6ner,’ will recall how Number’s 113 and his photographic colleague 113b contribute to The Village newspaper The Tally Ho, when they interviewed Number 6, who was running for election to the position of Number 2, while Number 113b took his photograph.
   The two people, whose numbers I do not know, appear to be Number 113 and 113b’s counterparts in THEPRIS6
NER, about his “More Village” building project. I did wonder that The Village has no newspaper seeing as no newspaper is seen on sale in The Village Shop. Indeed it seemed that no-one in The Village ever reads any newspaper. However, looking at ‘Arrival’ again,
   Number 554, a waitress from the Solar Café, is sitting on a bench. Next to her there is a woman reading the ‘Village Life’ newspaper! 

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