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Saturday 28 May 2016

Persecution of The Prisoner-No.6!

    The understanding is, that Number 1 and Number 6 are the alter ego of the other, or their other self, or ‘Second self,” being so close to each other that each is an essential part of the one.
    The alter ego could be another side of oneself, a second self, another aspect of one’s personality. Or it could be an intimate friend, or a constant and intimate companion. On the other hand an inseparable friend, a perfect substitute or deputy. I like the idea of Number 6 being a perfect deputy or substitute for Number 1, and not the other self. Because one cannot physically meet one’s other self. Perhaps Number 6 was chosen as a perfect substitute or deputy for Number 1. It might be that the President, together with those white robed delegates of the Assembly were going to usurp Number 1, by putting Number 6 in his place. Something like ‘The Man In The Iron Mask,’ in which the cruel King Louis the 16th is replaced by his secret twin brother Philippe. That would explain the physical meeting between Number 1 and Number 6.
   Perhaps Number 6 and Number 1 are secret identical twin brothers, separated at birth. Number 1 having been incarcerated in The Village, somehow brings Number 6 there and sets about persecuting him by constantly putting him to the test. But not so much as to damage the tissue, after all there is such a thing called brotherly love!

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