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Saturday 21 May 2016

How’s London?

    When Dutton met with Number 6 at the entrance to the cave, he seemed surprised to see him there.
    You, of all people!”
    I’m never sure whether Dutton’s initial thought was that Number 6 is a prisoner like himself, or actually working for The Village, because when Number 6 asked him how long he’d been in The Village, Dutton replied “You don’t know?” But would he ask if he knew, well he might if Number 6 was working for Number 2, his assignment being to ingratiate himself with Dutton! But perhaps Dutton didn’t think of that one. If the former, he might have been surprised that an erstwhile colleague such as him had allowed himself to be captured in such a way.
   Dutton told Number 6 that he’d been in The Village a couple of months, although it was difficult to say. Cobb in ‘Arrival’ had the same problem! When Number 6 told Dutton that he’d only been in The Village quite recently, Dutton asked “How’s
London?” To which Number 6 replied “About the same.” Well that was a bit vague, and a safe enough answer, after all Number 6 had been in The Village far longer than “Quite recently,” unless ‘Dance of the Dead’ had been placed second the series, then he’d be right. But perhaps Dutton wasn’t referring to London the city, but to the London office of British Intelligence! But even then Number 6 couldn’t tell him, seeing as he’d resigned his job in the department. But he didn’t tell Dutton that!
   But had Number 6 been able to tell Dutton news from
London, it would have demonstrated how new arrivals can bring news of the outside world into The Village. And that the outside world is in the minds of prisoners, for a while at least!

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