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Thursday 18 April 2013

60 Second Interview With No.6 Or Is It 12?

   No.113 “So you're Number 6 are you?”
   No.6 “Who else would I be?”
   “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Number 113 and this is my photographic colleague    
Number 113b, we contribute to The Tally Ho you know.”
   “No I didn't know.”
   No.13b “Smile” Cilick goes the ceamera.
   “And this fellow lying on the ground, who is he?”
   “He's Number 12.”
   "Smile" Click goes the camera.
   “He looks strikingly like you!”
   “He thinks he's me.”
   “Number 6 has been known to wear a dark blazer, he's wearing a dark blazer.”
   “So, what of it?”
    “Well you're wearing a cream blazer, since when did Number 6 wear a cream blazer, and what's more you're wearing your badge!”
    “A change is as good as a rest.”
    “That's as maybe. But Number 6 never wears his badge. He hasn't worn it since the morning he came out of hospital the day after his arrival here.”
    “You know what you want to be?”
    “No, what?”
    “Careful what you say. Number 2 and I are good friends. In fact he's the reason I was brought here.”
    “What's that supposed to mean?”
     “Well I'm sure he doesn’t need the press poking it's nose in where it has no concern. and I'm sure you don't want to be grovelling on the ground like our friend here!”
   “I am No.6!”
    “Yes, he would say that.”
{Blood curdling roar}
It was at this point that the white membranic mass of the Village Guardian herded the pair of 6's away.

Reporter No.113
Photographer No.113b

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