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Sunday 14 April 2013

Thought For The Day

    ESCAPE! The Prisoner known as No.6 only attempted 8 escapes. In 'Arrival' the Prisoner put together a spur of the moment escape, in the end he managed to attack two Guardians in a Mini-Moke, and once behind the wheel drive away from the Village only the encounter the Village Guardian. And then a second attempt of escape, but this time it's more planned, and No.6 has an ally of sorts, in No.9. He has an Electrpo Pass which lets him through the alarm system of the helicopter. No.6 takes control of the helicopter and flies away from the Village. However he is thwarted in his escape attempt because of a remote control system!
    It would seem that escape is not at all possible, but that doesn't stop No.6 from trying again during 'The Chimes of Big Ben.' This time he appears to have a real ally in Nadia-No.8, who knows the location of the Village. No.6 puts together a very elaborate plan of escape. But of course the Village are in control all the time. No.2 knows exactly what No.6 is up to because they have an agent on the inside, Nadia, who is feeding No.2 information! It all comes down to trust. Any formulated plan for escape is only as good as the people you rely upon, No.6 will learn that later, not that it will do him much good!
    No.6 stands for electoral office, the position of No.2 in fact. He thinks that he might "bring the system down from within." But instead he improvises an escape by stealing a jet boat. He attacks the two motor mechanics, and leaves them floundering in the water! Chased by No.2, who is piloting the helicopter himself, still tries to escape by sea in his desperation to escape. But as No.2 of 'Arrival' said "Escape is not possible," as once again they employ the remote control system from the Control Room to disengage the helm of the jet boat! And later, another spur of the moment attempt to organise a mass breakout. He has control, he will immobilise all electronic controls, listen to him, you're free to go, free to go, free to go! No I thought not, you're quite happy where you are, and so it seems, are the good citizens of the Village.
    'The Schizoid Man,' there was never a chance for escape, not until Curtis/No.12 died, Rover got him! Then on another spur of the moment, No.6 decides to take the chance and impersonate Curtis. But he is let down by the lack of information. Information about the proposition No.2 put to Curtis on the day of his arrival in the Village. And about Susan having died a year ago.
   'Many Happy Returns,' is a voyage of discovery for No.6, and is a demonstration that no matter what, even if No.6 does manage to escape the Village, "they" can bring him back whenever "they" wish. The Prisoner will forever be in the grasp of the Village, so he might as well accept that! But no, in 'Checkmate' he comes up with yet another elaborate plan, a plan that might have succeeded if it had not been for No.6's own air of authority, which placed doubts in the mind of the Rook!
   And so it is, even with the most elaborate escape plan, with men you can trust, there is always something that lets the plan down. No escape plan succeeds without knowing who you can trust. No escape plan can succeed without proper information and intelligence. And no escape plan can succeed, if it's flawed! 'Checkmate' was the last time No.6 attempted to escape, not until 'Fall Out.' Three men coming together for the cause. Not a word is spoken between them, but there is an understanding, a burning desire to escape!
   Why didn't No.6 attempt so few escapes? Perhaps because there are few ways for, and few opportunities, for escape.

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