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Sunday 14 April 2013

The Therapy Zone

The Loathsome Presence Of An Unmutual
    The ladies sub-appeal committee took matters into it's own hands today, and led the citizens in riotous action by dragging No.6 off to the hospital in preparation for undergoing the process known as Instant Social Conversion.
    The citizens have a social conscience who are provoked by the loathsome presence of an unmutual. But in actual fact the citizens are sheep, and No.6 the goat who has come amongst them. No.6 is always stirring up trouble, and the citizens are easily manipulated, as demonstrated by No.6 as he is about to confess everything to all.
    How easily the citizens, led by the ladies sub-appeal committee, are persuaded by No.86's denouncement of No.2 as being unmutual. This combined with No.6's speech, "Look at him. An unmutual who desires to deceive you all. Your welfare committee is a tool of those who wish to possess your minds."
    No.6 went on to tell the citizens that they still have a choice. That they could still salvage their rights as individuals. Their rights to truth and free thought. And insisted that they reject this false world of No.2. Which the citizens did of course, such is the persuasiveness and powers of manipulation of No.6.
    This is the second time that No.6 has recently come to the aid of the community, in preventing the assassination of a retiring No.2, and now to bring about the downfall of No.2 who pretends that to the committee No.6 is merely citizens No.6 who will not be tolerated for long. "Public enemy No.6!" Which bodes the question "Why does No.6 care

Information And Observations
    On a point of observation, I find that the General in 'The Chimes of Big Ben' does not wear his penny farthing badge over his military cap badge. However the Admiral in 'Arrival' on the other hand does wear his penny farthing badge over his naval cap badge! Is this to disguise the fact that the cap isn't an actual naval cap at all, but one purchased from the kiosk down on the beach. Much in the same way one might buy such a black and white cap on holiday.
    "The Butcher with the sharpest knife has the warmest heart." That's true, because if the butchers knife isn't sharp, then the animal being slaughtered will suffer.
    If those two bully boys had not returned for a return bout in the woods with No.6 during the episode of A Chnage of Mind, perhaps No.6 would not have returned to his old aggressive self quite so soon.
    Strange how the Prisoner revolts against being, refuses to acknowledge or wear his number 6, I am not a number, I am a free man. But the Prisoner has been known by a number before in his previous life, that of  ZM73 noted in Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.
    Both the colour and black and white maps might be the same, the colour map though much more expensive. The hospital however is not marked on either map. Nor is it marked on the map of the electronic information board of both Arrival and 'Free For All.'
    The same medical rig seen in the cavern during Fall Out is the same medical rig used in the mind transference experiments of 'Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.'
    When it comes to the variety of penny farthing badges, No.2 of 'Many Happy Returns' appears to have the most individual one, black with white penny farthing and white No.2. Whereas other 'negative' penny farthing badges have a red digit.
    After seeing Nadia-No.8 in two different photographs I had thought her to be seen wearing two different penny farthing badges, the one facing right, the other facing left. However after a little research I find that the second of the two photographs had been reversed, which gave a wrong impression to me. But there was one moment when having breakfast together, No.6 and Nadia-No.8, can be seen wearing her penny farthing badge upside down. However by the time they go outside No.6's cottage and meet with No.2 who was about to pay them a call, the badge has been righted.
    The word VOTE  upon the balloons seen in 'Free For All' have been printed upside down.
    There are two sides to No.86 of 'A Change of Mind,' the cold and starchy side, wearing slacks and her hair up, in a business like manner, but who was once posted Unmutual, who now works for the good of the community as part of a social group. But later we see the more feminine and relaxed side to No.86, wearing as she does, a dress rather than slacks and high heeled shoes rather than flat shoes, and now wears her hair down about her shoulders. This is not the business woman we witnessed earlier in the episode.
    In the therapy room at the hospital during the episode 'A Change of Mind,' there are two different patients, but with the same number, sat in a chair watching a screen. Upon that screen the white membranic mass of the village guardian bounds through the yellow and white Triumphal arch and passed the Labour Exchange. The observation made here is that the film is backward to how it is in the village. On the film the Labour Exchange is on the left, of the Triumphal arch, whereas looking at this view in the same way in the village, the Labour Exchange is actually on the right of the Triumphal arch

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