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Saturday 13 April 2013

The Therapy Zone

Keeping An Open Surveillance Eye On The Prisoner
   There are those who will rant and rave about the advantages the reasserting of 35mm film, of "High Resolution" as has been done to the Prisoner. They claim that the picture quality improves every time, by those who are watching. But is it not the case, that there is the danger on the part of those who want to see more clearly, that they are losing that which matters most.... the content of the Prisoner. Here in the lofty vaults of the Tally Ho archive we have a set of the 9 Channel 5 videos which play as well today as they originally did back in November 1986. Indeed more, the Precision videos of 1982, of which the tally Ho archive are in possession of all four tapes which were produced, on both VHS and BETAMAX, which play exceedingly well for their age of 25 years.
   So when you think just how fragile DVD's can be, I've got some that refuse to play only just after one play, video tapes such as these seem to be able to play on and on. Well just as long as you've a video player to play them on!

So No.2 Was Fit For Further Term?
   The Tally Ho once asked "Is No.2 Fit For Further Term?"    and apparently he was, having been returned to the village for The General, and the experiment of Speedlearn the way he was. But is this No.2 really any different from all the others, the three exceptions obviously being the new No.2 of Free For All, No.2 of Dance of the Dead and Many Happy Returns, plus one interim No.2 of Its Your Funeral. All the male No.2's wear the same uniform complete with plain double breasted blazer as can be observed, and all wear a signet ring on the little finger of his left hand. Well all bar the new No.2 of Arrival, he is seen wearing a piped blazer the same as worn by No.6, and the only one to do so. Perhaps he was trying to be different, showing individualistic tendencies, no wonder he didn't last more than five minutes!
   It is possible that the face of No.2 might change, but all the different characteristics are of the same man, or in a couple of cases, woman. How do I account for Mrs' Butterworth-No.2? I don't, after all I can't account for everything, only for so much. The rest I leave to you.

Many Happy returns
    The Colonel in ‘Many Happy Returns’ told Thorpe that the Prisoner is an old, old friend who never gives up. If the Prisoner could only have been satisfied with having escaped the village, things might have worked out differently for him. But then perhaps the Prisoner was destined to return to the village, and it certainly would not have been enough for him to simply have escaped. Certain things would certainly have weighed on his mind. Who abducted him, why was he placed in the village..... and where was the village, and who ran it? And besides, wherever the Prisoner went, 'they' would catch up with him sooner or later. And didn't No.6 make No.2 a promise during The Chimes of Big Ben, "I'm going to escape and come back. Come back, wipe this place off the face of the earth, obliterate it and No.2 with it!"
    If there's one hours difference between Polish and English time, and if the supposedly Russian's watch was slow - being the same time as Big Ben - ie 8 o'clock - then what is the location of the Village?

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