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Saturday 13 April 2013

Who’s That On The Phone To No.6?

"That is the number of this place"                           "This is our chance, take it

"Who is this?"                                                        "I have command"

"What's the procedure?"                                        "I will immobilise all electronic

"Thanks very much"                                                 "Listen to me"

"I know your voice"                                             "You are free to go"

"What do you want?"                                             "I am in command, obey me
                                                                              and be free"

"Yes I like to mind my own business"                      "You are free to go... you
                                                                               are free to go.... free to go"

"Who is that, who is that?"                                   "She won't go away and she
                                                                              doesn't even speak English!"

"No.6 is dead, Rover got him!"                               "You are free to go!"

"Thank's very much!"                                                 Be seeing you

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