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Saturday 13 April 2013

Tonight On The Video Channel

     Tonight it is the second episode Harmony, and it's got nothing to do with American Wild West western films. Six is given a brother 16, the only problem being that Michael's brother died in an accident at sea!
   The one thing about this episode is, that it follows on from Arrival, because at the end of that epsiode the Prisoner Six is attacked by the membranic Village Guardian in the desert, and at the outset of Harmony we see Six lying unconcious on the sand.
    Family is important to Two, so Two gives Six a family. there is also "Wonkers" which is a soap opera of the Village. Everything eaten in the Village is in a "wrap," and Six is offered a Pork wrap by 16's wife which he refuses, saying he doesn't like pork. Could Six be Jewish? But 16's wife insists, that it's Six's favourite. So Six takes a bite of the pork wrap, and finds he likes it!
   Meanwhile Two is keeping M2 heavily sedated. While in his apartment in New York Michael is being interrogated by Lucy. In the Village we learn that Six used to be a bus driver, driving passengers around the Village in tours of the Village.
   There is ESCAPE, which is a holiday resort for certain citizens of the Village. In the desert Six sees a ship's sea anchor, which to Six symbolises escape. Because where there is an anchor there is a ship. And where there is a ship there is a sea or ocean. There is an ocean, Six together with 16 and the "winking woman" discover it, and 16 goes running of into the water, from which the Village Guardian emerges and takes 16 with it down into the oceans watery depths! Six returns to the Village to collect 313, and takes her to see a sea of sand, the ocean has gone! And when you think how 16 suffered a Village death by drowning in the sea, replace the water with sand.....well what a terrible way to die!

"Breathe in......breathe out......Village life goes on"

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