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Thursday 11 April 2013

Ouote For The Day

    "It's not often one gets a second chance."
    "There are no second chances."
    "There are sometimes for the lucky ones. If I had a second chance, I want you to know I wouldn't do it again."
                                       {No.24 and No.6 - The Schizoid Man}

     Then why betray No.6 in the first place? No doubt she was coerced into doing it by No.2. If it wasn't for No.24 and No.6's natural mental link, I would have thought No.24 had been planted on or assigned to No.6. As for No.2, well he did stop No.6 from escaping, however an agent, Curtis, died on his watch. What's more there will be no second chance for this No.2!


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