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Wednesday 10 April 2013

Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling

    I wonder how Sir Charles Portland knew about the photographic transparencies, which the Prisoner had left at the  'World Camera' shop a year ago? He must have known enough to be able to send "Mr Carmichael", who was presumably one of Sir Charles Portland's men, perhaps Potter, to collect the photographic transparencies. So presumably "Mr Carmichael" was in possession of the receipt, in order to collect the transparencies. Which would suggest that Janet Portland handed over the receipt to her father Sir Charles, either that or he found it amongst her possessions!
   The receipt could easily have been retained and given back to Janet, and the photographic transparencies returned to the shop by "Mr Carmichael." And then making up the story about the clerical error by a young assistant, in having mistaken the last numbers of 0 1 for 1 0 for when the Prisoner comes calling for the photographic transparencies himself, but spotting that they had already been signed for, by "Mr Carmichael!"

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